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ECO Vision


Thermaltake's Eco-Vision management plan has identified four environmental crises: global warming, limited natural resources, impact of hazardous substances, and the loss of Earth's biodiversity. Global warming is the consequence caused by greenhouse gas which will raise the temperature of the earth's surface by absorbing infrared radiation from reflected sunlight. The rapid consumption of nature resources by human has caused the serious imbalance of natural world and will destroy the entire ecosystem. Also, many researchers have proved that the hazardous chemical substances contained in the electronic components are harmful to people and the environment. Finally, it is very important to maintain the Earth's biodiversity through protecting the ecosystems that make up the forests, oceans, and the wildlife. It is everyone's responsibility to be a part of the environmental protection plan, and leave a clean earth to the future generations.


Thermaltake Technology recognizes the importance of protecting our natural environment that sustains life on earth for all the future generations. To help humanity attain the dream of a healthier and happier life, Thermaltake is committed to incorporate environmental technology into all our new product design. In accordance with our global environment strategy and commitment, Thermaltake is engaged in an environmental management plan called Eco-Vision to contribute to preserve the environment and protect human health.