Our MISSION "Delivering the perfect user experience"
Our Vision is Building Thermaltake Technology into -
"a cultural brand for the enjoyment of entertainment, e-Sports, technology and lifestyle".
The objectives and the eight core values of the Thermaltake group reflects the mission which will lead the company and all the staff in the future.



Charm of product comes from its quality. We carefully follow standard work procedures, pay attention to details, identify problems, and bravely assume responsibility for our own mistakes and failures, while at the same time making improvements and constantly raising the quality of our work to carry out our job responsibilities and requirements, in order to make sure the perfect product quality and achieve customers' requests. .

Idea brings up money and profits! Encourage employees to find breakthrough solutions to enhance our organization's competitive advantage. We encourage our employees to have unique opinions and innovative ideas, to pursue change and try new things. We want our colleagues to go beyond existing ways of doing things, to be open-minded about accepting new work challenges, to take the initiative to put forward new suggestions and ideas, and to implement those ideas in their work.

Success will come after conditions are ripe ! Face a fast changing world and market, we must have an open mind toward different cultures and values.  We keep calm in the face of a fast-changing world and try to find out why the changes are taking place in order to adjust our practices accordingly and maintain the work performance expected of us. Moreover, we must examine industry changes worldwide, market trends, and developments among our competitors, in order to predict future market trends and scout out business opportunities.

We require that our colleagues be candid and honest, pay attention to social justice, adhere to our organization's stipulations and social norms, keep their commitments, and "walk the talk." They should accept different points of view, keep others' secrets, treat others with sincerity, and handle matters with fairness and consistency to win others' trust.

There are no speed limits on the road to excellence and to go to the bottom of the matter. To ensure sustainable business success, we expect our colleagues to be open-minded, actively participate in teamwork, and willingly share their opinions.  We should respect different point of views, and seek win-win solutions or compromises acceptable to both parties in order to achieve team goals by reaching agreements, obtaining commitments, and fulfilling our responsibilities.

There' is no difficulty cannot be overcame! We encourage colleagues to set their own challenging goals, to pursue those goals vigorously, and to hold themselves to a high standard of performance; moreover, we encourage colleagues to pursue breakthrough solutions, thereby creating value for themselves, their department, and the company as a whole—a win-win situation for all.

We encourage our colleagues to take the initiative to discover their own learning needs, and to seek out and make use of learning opportunities to help them work better. We urge colleagues to share willingly, learn through teaching, and assist others in improving their work skills to ensure success in their current or future jobs.

We want all our colleagues to take "ownership" of their jobs; that is, to be self-motivated, to take the initiative to resolve problems immediately, and to willingly undertake additional responsibilities in the pursuit of work objectives.