• Welcome to the headquarters of Thermaltake situated in Neihu. Want to experience the happiness of working in Thermaltake within an environment filled with entertainment, e-Sports, technology and lifestyle? Get together now, we are offering you an opportunity to compete with our staff in foosball, to experience e-Sports in the Island of the Sun, and to enter the strategy center to listen to ways of confronting challenges. Here, we can start off by exploring Thermaltake online!

    ■ Island of the Sun
    ■ Research Center
    ■ Brand Innovation
    ■ Thermaltake Brands
    ■ Tt APOLLOS
    ■ Supply Depot
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  • Island of the Sun

    The vital "Island of the Sun" displays complete products lines of Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS, LUXA2 and Tt APOLLOS; furthermore, Tt APOLLOS's training room "Temple of the Sun" has integrated gaming products and television walls, extending Thermaltake products into a zealous atmosphere to experience the interweaving combat performance, speed, sweat and red heat temperature which exclusively belong to Thermaltake!

  • Research Center

    Thermaltake Technology has its own research & development center and professional enthusiast team, thus every product is carefully developed and tested, including temperature and humidity control, power supply check and thermal dynamic analysis. We endeavor to design technology products with good quality and appearance, integrating our cooling and energy-saving techniques to substantially enhance the performance of computer systems, therefore deliver products with perfect quality to the hands of consumers.

  • Brand Innovation Center

    The creativity center of Thermaltake has the most valuable design team and an ingenious working environment. Thermaltake's design team is confident in every design process, and our motto is "Work Smart" in order to achieve the best effect. From our design and research staff through the innovative materials laboratory, industrial design, visual design, and finally to our packaging design team, we manage to completely furnish Thermaltake Group with the best designs.

  • Thermaltake Brands

    Thermaltake Technology, delivering the perfect user experience, has inherited the bright halo and passion of the sun emblem to fulfill users' different needs by leading the industries of PC DIY, professional gaming gears, and Apple accessories with ultimate products of our four brands: Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS, LUXA2, and Tt APOLLOS professional e-Sports team.


    Tt APOLLOS was established in December 15, 2009, and is one of professional e-Sports Teams in TeSL (Taiwan e-Sports League). The team got its name from the Greek god Apollo, who symbolizes integrity and passion, and is expected to lead the team members to advance without fear in order to achieve outstanding performance. Currently, Tt APOLLOS has 3 subdivided teams: the SF(Special Force) team, the KR(Kartrider) team and the Starcraft team; with different kinds of games, e-Sports could be more abundant and might get more attention!

  • Supply Depot

    Thermaltake Technology has adopted a modern color scheme of black and red to demonstrate the fascinating brands of Thermaltake and the diligent working environment; there are foosball tables, resting areas with comfortable sofas, and bar areas. The "Employees' e-Sports League" will also be held on regular occasions at the "Temple of the Sun", providing not only an opportunity to release pressure from work, but also to experience Thermaltake's gaming culture in person.